Oh... It's not here any more

Welcome to a placeholder page for what used to be Stephen Groom's blog. It appears that my host updated the version of PHP (eww) that they use and broke it... That got me to thinking, is it worth this existing any more? When I created it I was about 15 and lots of the stuff in the archive is outdated and no longer reflects my beliefs or opinions. There's probably some good content in here somewhere which I'll republish some time at my soon to be personal website With this in mind, as of today (21/06/2015) groomi.net in it's old form is no more.

The domain is paid up until mid-2017 so... if anyone actually needed or enjoyed any of the stuff here, please email me at groomi@groomi.net and I'll dig it out for you. Otherwise, expect this page to degrade into nothingness unless I can think of a good use for this domain, which will likely redirect to stephengroom.co.uk in the near future.

Oh, also... Check out Poker Log for iOS